How To Read Salatul Istikhara


How To Read Salatul Istikhara

Salat Al-Istikharah is a prayer that is read to seek guidance from Allah Talah. A person often wonders how to perform salatul istikhara when they feel they need to make big decisions in life. A decision that can change the life of a person should be taken with proper guidance.

A person in a situation that needs them to make a big decision in life should learn how to read istikhara. The istikhara is also called the prayer of seeking counsel recited by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He said that all those concerned about a decision they have to take could pray an istikhara before Allah.

How to read istikhara for marriage-related issues can help a person in many ways. Performing an istikhara for getting married or deciding on a struggling marriage is very common these days. We all know that finding a genuine and good life partner in the current times is not easy.

When a man or woman receives a marriage proposal, they can perform an istikhara. Performing a dua istikhara for marriage will help them in making the right decision for their future. To find out how to read istikhara for marriage, one can seek help from the elders in the family. On the other hand, one can also contact our Islamic Scholar Molvi Ji.

How To Perform Salatul Istikhara Step By Step

How To Perform Salatul Hajat For Marriage

Let us now tell you how to perform salatul istikhara step by step. You can follow this procedure for other decisions that can bring a massive change in your life.

  • The first and most crucial step to remember always is to cleanse yourself thoroughly.
  • You can cleanse by performing wudu (ablution).
  • While doing ablution, make sure you collect all your thoughts.
  • Begin thinking about the reason you are performing istikhara.
  • After ablution, spread your prayer mat in a quiet and clean place.
  • Recite the prayer of a witness by pointing the index finger of your right hand upwards.
  • Read this below-given quranic verse:

Ash-Hadu Al Laa Illaaha Illallahu Wah Dahuu Laa Sharii Kalahu, Wa Ash-Hadu Anna Muhammadan ‘Abduhuu Wa Rasuulluh.

  • Now settle down on your prayer mat facing the Qibla.
  • To begin the istikhara prayers, first, recite at most minuscule 2 Rakat namaz.
  • Then continue with recitations of Surah Fatiha followed by Surah Al-Kafirun,
  • Repeat Surah Fatiha once again and follow up with reciting Surah Al-Ikhlas.
  • Read the istikhara supplication after the surahs based on the purpose you are performing an istikhara.
  • You can recite istikhara until you get the results you expect from it.

To know the signs of istikhara and how to read them, consult our Hazrat Noor Mohammad Sahab.

How To Perform Salatul Hajat For Marriage

The meaning of the word Hajat in English is a wish. People read the Salatul Hajat for fulfilling particular desires in life. Since we described the process of how to perform salatul istikhara for marriage, we are also going to tell you about salatul hajat for marriage.

I hope you have understood how to perform salatul istikhara step by step. We are now going to tell you how to perform salatul hajat for marriage as well.  

  • Begin with reciting four Rakat namaz after performing ablution.
  • After every Rakat namaz, make sure you recite Surah Fatiha.
  • Make sure you read the dua for the purpose you are performing this hajat.

To understand the process of how to perform Salatul Hajat for Marriage in detail, contact Hazrat Noor Mohammad Sahab.

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