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The holy Quran is a blessing that has been bestowed upon all Muslims. The pak Quran consists of every verse that can help any person with any kind of problem in his or her life. The Surah Yaseen is one of the most effective verses in the Quran which is why people call it the heart of the holy Quran. The Surah Yaseen for marriage is a highly effective remedy from our religious book. This Surah is very helpful for those people who are facing any kind of problem regarding their marital status.

It is said that every pure thing has a heart. That is why Surah Yasin is respected and recited as the heart of the Qur’an. It is often said that reading Surah Yasin rewards a person more than reading the whole Quran. Prophet Mohammad also likes his followers to regularly recite the Surah Yasin to get his blessings.

So to get the wish of marriage blessed by Allah as well as by Prophet Mohammad, one should regularly recite the Surah Yasin for marriage. This is very helpful in making the process of marriage go smoothly. There would never be a problem from the phase of getting a marriage proposal to the couple spending the rest of their lives together.

Benefits Of Surah Yaseen For Marriage

Surah Taghabun Benefits For Marriage

Now that you have read the importance and value of Surah Yaseen, you would also like to read its benefits. The benefits of Surah Yaseen for marriage can affect any person’s marriage greatly. A Person who does not perform the surah Yasin before marriage is more likely to face difficulties in his or her marriage and married life. A person who recites the Surah Yasin before marriage will never face any difficulty in his or her marriage.

The benefits of Surah Yaseen for marriage can be helpful for three categories of people.

  1. For unmarried people: A person who has reached the marriageable age can be helped by the Surah Yasin to find the best life partner for himself or herself. The surah Yasin helps this person to only get the marriage proposals from good suitors and a reputed family.
  2. For those whose marriage has been fixed: When a couple agrees to marry, the journey from being engaged to be married is the time when they face a lot of problems. These problems such as communication gaps, misunderstandings disappear because of the Surah Yasin. Any kind of negativity that can become a hindrance in the marriage is removed with this dua.
  3. For the already married people: Every married couple faces a lot of problems in their life. The Surah Yasin has the power to remove all the problems that are taking away the bliss from their marital life.

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Surah Yaseen Verse 36 For  Marriage

The surah yaseen verse 36 for marriage is one of the most effective remedies for those people whose marriage is facing delays. The people who are getting frustrated because of not getting married can be greatly helped with this verse.

The couples who want to get married after being in love for a long time should also read the Surah yaseen verse 36 for marriage. This will make their marriage happen in a very short time that too without any kind of objection from their families or the society.

How To Perform Surah Yaseen Verse 36 For Marriage?

  • To perform the Surah Taghabun Wazifa for marriage, begin with ablution.
  • Recite Durood Shareef thrice. Then, recite Surah Taghabun (64:1-18) three times.
  • Repeat Durood Shareef seven times.
  • Make a heartfelt dua for a successful and blessed marriage.
  • Perform this Wazifa consistently, preferably after the Fajr or Isha prayers.
  • Trust in the divine power of Surah Taghabun to bring guidance and blessings to your marital journey.

If you have any questions about the Surah Yaseen verse 36 for marriage, consult our Islamic scholar.

How To Perform Surah Yaseen Wazifa For Marriage

Let us first tell you the surah Yaseen wazifa for marriage before telling the process to perform it.


Waa Min Anfusihim Waa MimmaLaaYaaLamoonaa”

  • One should perform all the daily namaz regularly.
  • After the Isha Namaz, recite Darood Shareef for five times.
  • Read the verse mentioned above for a hundred and one times.
  • Again, read Darood Shareef for five times.
  • Ask Allah to bless your wish of marrying someone as soon as possible.

If you make this wish with a pure heart, your desire of marrying someone you love will soon come true.

If you want to personally discuss your marriage-related issues with a Maulvi, you can call on the contact number mentioned. He will personally help you with all the remedies related to your personal problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Reading Surah Yaseen?

Reading Surah Yaseen holds numerous spiritual benefits. It is famous as the “heart of the Quran” and reciting it brings inner peace, alleviates distress, and shields from adversities. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) emphasizes on its significance, stating it intercedes for the reader on the Day of Judgment. Surah Yaseen helps in forgiveness of sins, grants tranquility, and invokes Allah’s mercy. It also serves as a protection from the trials of the grave. Regular recitation fosters a stronger connection with Allah and brings blessings, making it a revered practice among Muslims for spiritual well-being and divine favor.

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