Dua To Stop Husband Cheating on You


Dua To Stop Husband Cheating on You

A marriage is a very sacred and beautiful relationship between a husband and wife. A relationship that is based on trust and love is not destined for every couple. Some married women, however, are unfortunate as their husband gets involved with other women. The dua to stop husband cheating on you is an Islamic prayer that can help them.

In Islam, marriage is a bond that ties two people in sacred matrimony. While most people get to experience a happy marriage, there are some unlucky couples as well. For a woman, her husband becomes her whole world after marriage. No woman would want to marry a man who will become a cheating spouse. A woman can read the Islamic dua to keep her husband faithful.

A woman who is married to a good man always fears losing her husband to another woman. To get rid of this fear, she can read the dua to protect her husband from other women. It is a very powerful dua to stop husband cheating on you.

Prayer For My Husband To Stop Cheating

Dua To Protect Your Husband

There are many duas and wazifas to stop or prevent a husband from cheating on his wife. If you want to protect your husband from another woman, we can help you with a dua for an unfaithful husband. With the help of this dua, you can make your love marriage or arranged marriage safe.

If you have found out that your husband is cheating on you, read the prayer to stop your husband from cheating. The dua for husbands to stop cheating is helpful for all those women who are married to an unfaithful spouse.

Let us now tell you how to read the prayer for your husband to stop cheating on you.

  • Make sure you perform wudu to clean yourself properly. 
  • Wear a fresh set of clothes and sit on your prayer mat in a quiet place. 
  • Start the ritual with eight recitations of Durood Shareef
  • Begin reciting the 5th ayat of Surah Al-Mursalat 11 times.
  • Now, Imagine your husband’s face while reading this Surah. 
  • Again, continue with reciting Durood Shareef 8 times more. 
  • Pray to Allah SWT to bless you with the loyalty and love of your husband. 

Dua To Make Husband Loyal

Are you one of those troubled wives whose husband husbands do not listen to you? Are you one of those helpless wives whose husbands do not care for their wives or give them quality time? Well, if yes, then do not fret!! If your husband is an arrogant person and does not listen to you at all or he does not understand you then you should read the most powerful dua to make your husband loyal.

The dua for husband loyalty will help you get the attention, time, and love of your husband. It will make your husband start listening to you. Sometimes there are husbands who treat their wives very badly. They give no preference to their wives and pay no heed to anything they say. They consider themselves superior and thus do not consider the opinion of their wives in any matter.

To stop your husband from cheating on you, you should read the dua to make your husband loyal. If you want to know how to stop your husband from cheating, you should understand this dua properly. With the help of this powerful dua for a loyal husband, you can make your unfaithful husband realize his mistakes. 

Dua To Protect Your Husband

Let us now tell you the procedure to perform to stop your husband from cheating on you. It is also a dua to protect the husband from another woman.

  • Be in a clean state after performing ablution.
  • You can read the dua for your cheating husband on any day and at any time.
  • During this process, you have to recite the Surah Al-Maidah 51 times.
  • During this process, keep on imagining the face of your husband and wish for his loyalty.
  • In the end, you have to recite Durood E-Ibrahim 11 times.

If you have any doubts about this prayer, consult our Molvi Ji now. You can also contact him for dua for love, marriage and other problems in life.

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