Dua For Marriage With a Loved One in Islam


Dua For Marriage With a Loved One

You always want to spend most of your time with someone you love. You always think of being with that person. Do you want to marry that person and make him/her a part of your life?. But in the Muslim community, it is not simple to opt for love marriage. If you want to marry someone you love without any problems and hassles, then powerful dua for marriage with a loved one will be of great help to you. It will arrange your marriage in a perfect manner and convince your parents too.

Sometimes you plan to marry someone you love, but things don’t go according to you. It will bring situations in your favor. Dua for marriage to the one I love is a great Islamic solution for all those lovers who crave to marry the love of their life with the agreement of their parents. Insha Allah, things will be fine and soon you will be married to the person you want.

Wazifa For Marriage To The One I Love

Dua To Marry Someone of Your Choice

Islamic dua for love marriage will help you in convincing your lover, your parents, and your relatives for your marriage. It will create a situation where you will never face any hindrance in your love marriage and everything will take place calmly.

If you like someone in your heart but don’t have the courage to propose to them then you should perform dua for marriage to the one I love. The dua for marriage to the person I love, will make that person fall for you and soon he/ she will propose to you for marriage. 

You can get the procedure of Islamic dua and wazifa for marriage with a loved one from our Molvi sab. He will guide you on the right steps for it. And help you get the desired results as soon as possible, with the will of Allah SubhanaWa’ Tala. So, make dua for marriage with someone I love with a pure heart and reap its benefits. Always have faith in the doings of Allah Talah for the Almighty will only do things that are better for you. Never lose your faith and keep praying for things you desire. Surely you will be bestowed with it soon.

Dua To Get Married To A Loved One

Dua for marriage with a loved one is given below:

“Allah HummaLayyinQalbiFulanBintiFulan Kama LayyintilHadidi Li SayyidinaDa’udAlayhis Salam”

  • Recite this dua 100 times daily
  • And where it is said “fulanibn-e-fulan” you should say the name of the person you love along with his/her mother’s name.
  • You can also perfrom wuzu before reciting the dua.

The Wazifa or dua for marriage to the one I love is very effective and will soon melt the heart of your lover and your parents and they will agree to your marriage. In case you don’t get any sign of your love marriage in 21 days, then feel free to consult our Molvi sb. once in this regard.

Dua For Marriage To The One I Love

Frequently Asked Questions?

What are Dua’as for getting marriage?

You cam also recite these dua’as for getting married. With the help of these duas your problems related to marriage will end instantly. The dua will fulfill all your desires to marry a person of your choice.

Is there any powerful Surah for love back?

Nothing can be more painful than losing love. And things even get worse when you lose your love because of the third person. This can be really painful to accept that he/she has left you because of him. If you want to get back with your lost love then you should use powerful Surah for love back.

What is the best wazifa for love?

Though it’s not good to see which Wazifa is best Wazifa for love and which one is not. It all depends on the purity of your love while performing the Islamic Wazifa for love. There might be several reasons behind the ending of love marriage or love relationship. There might be social pressure or pressure from parents to end the love relationship.

Whatever may be the reason for breakup you should never lose the hope of getting back with your love once again by trying best Wazifa for love back? Feel free to consult with Molvi Ji and ask him about the best Wazifa for love back.

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