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Dua Istikhara For Marriage

Istikhara Dua For Love Marriage

Marriage is a big decision in a person’s life and regardless of how much surety you have, you still want to get comfort from someone reliable. Who more could be more reliable and beneficent than the Almighty? Yes, when you perform dua istikhara for marriage, you can get assurance directly from Allah talah whether the person you have chosen for yourself is right for you or not. The istikhara dua for marriage will help you in deciding if the given marriage proposal will be feasible for you in the long run or not.

If you love someone with all your heart but want to make sure whether your lover is your soul mate or not and will prove to be the most compatible partner for you or not, you should perform istikhara duas for love marriage. The istikhara will help you to find out if your lover is the right person for you or not and you should proceed for marriage with him/her or not. The istikhara for love marriage is a great boon for lovers to finalize their marriage with the love of their life.

There are also some people who want to do marriage but they are scared of the results of after marriage. They think that would not be able to bear the responsibilities. For this, they can perform Online istikhara for shadi in Urdu. Some people are confused between love marriages and arranged marriages. They are not able to decide that whether arrange marriage will be more suitable for them or love marriage. Marriage is one of the most important decisions that a person has to take in his life. One wrong decision can destroy the entire life of that person. Istikhara for shadi in Urdu will help you in solving this confusion of yours.

Sometimes our lover leaves us and starts loving some other person. We want to marry only that particular person. This is not possible because we can’t force someone for marriage. So in order to bring that person back in your life, you can do online istikhara about marriage. A person can obtain this istikhara online from certain websites. The procedure of online istikhara for shadi is very simple. Firstly you should wear clean clothes. Perform this istikhara at night after esha namaz. Read 2 or 4 optional namaz. Recite Surah Bakr in the first rikat and Surah Kafiroon in the second rikat. Then read Durood E Ibrahim for 6 times.

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Istikhara Dua For Love Marriage

How To Do Istikhara For Marriage

If you practice the istikhara dua for love marriage and get positive dreams, then you should proceed. But, if you don’t see any positive signs, then you should put an end to your love story immediately and do not proceed for marriage. The istikhara for love marriage has helped a lot of lovers in skipping the wrong decision of marrying their lover. If your parents are against your marriage with your lover, then istikhara dua for love marriage will help you in proving them right or wrong. So, do according to the Istikhara dua for marriage.

However, it is very important to first find out how to do istikhara for love marriage. You should get in touch with our experienced Molvi sb. to know the procedure of dua istikhara on marriage. He will guide you with the right steps for it. Insha Allah, you will get accurate dreams. Once you know how to do Istikhara for love marriage, you should do it with firm belief and sincerity. If you think that you should marry your lover, the Istikhara on marriage is your one-stop solution to get guidance from Allah Talah. Follow the will of Allah to make the best of your life and be happy and prosperous with your partner.

After that read dua for love marriage – رَبِّنَا. مِنْ عَلَيْنَا اَلسَّلاَمُ

In English, this dua is like this – “Assalaamo A’Laynaa Min Rabbenaa. Read this dua for 136 times. After that again read Durood E Ibrahim six times. Then make a prayer to Allah SWT so that you can get your answer in your dreams. After performing the dua go to sleep. Insha Allah, Allah SWT will give you direction in your dreams. Do this istikhara for 5 days. Istikhara Online for marriage is the best way to know whether the person we want to get married will be the correct life partner for us or not. For any help contact us.

How To Do Istikhara For Love Marriage

Nowadays, everyone has got a boyfriend or girlfriend whom they truly love. But only some are able to marry their lovers. Therefore to solve this problem there is online Istikhara about marriage. In Islam, there are no restrictions on love marriage. Islam also gives the right to love marriage. Islam also gives solutions to those people who are confused; who want to do love marriage but they are not able to take the initiative.

There is a love marriage Istikhara online which a person can perform if he has any confusion regarding his marriage. Islam says that if a person wants to do love marriage, it is very important that he should convince his or her parents for love marriage. Convincing parents is a very tough job to do. But by performing this online istikhara for love and  marriage a person will get a solution that how he or she will convince his or her parents. Istikhara is a way by which we can seek help from Allah SWT that what will be right for us to do.

Dua istikhara about marriage:

Recite two rakat nafil namaz and then make this dua

Allah Humma Takderu Wala Akdiru Wa Ta’lam Wala A’lamuWa Anta Allamul Guyub Fa In Ra Aita Anna Fi Fulanati Khairan Li Fi Deeni Duniyaya Wa Akhrati Faqdur Ha Li Wa In Kana Gairuha Khairun Minha Li Fi Deeni Wa Akhirati Faq Durha Haali

And take the name of your lover along with his/her mother’s name and ask Allah talah whether the person is right for your marriage or not.

Ask the guidance of Almighty and go to bed facing Kibl’ah.

Insha Allah, the very night you will see a dream. In case, you don’t repeat the procedure the next night.

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