Istikhara Signs For Marriage


Istikhara for marriage is often performed by those people who are indecisive about marriage. People who are confused about one of the biggest decisions of their life, often take the path of performing the istikhara. After performing the istikhara under the guidance of the elders or a Maulvi, they wait for the Istikhara signs for marriage.

Any person who might know the concept of the istikhara would know the outcome as well. If you are not aware of what exactly and Istikhara is or what are the signs related to it, then keep on reading. An Istikhara is a very special remedy that is suggested to be performed only in taking big decisions of life. Marriage obviously is a very big decision that should be taken only after one has given it proper thought. Isitkhara signs for marriage is the outcome of an istikhara done specially for taking a decision about marriage.

The process of performing and waiting for Istikhara for marriage proposal should be performed with extra caution. Istikhara for marriage is the last step of a three-step process. The first step of this process is to think about every aspect of marriage. Do complete research of the aspects that are putting you in a confusion. The second step is consulting either the elders of your family or an Islamic scholar. This consultation is done to seek their advice about your confusions. The third and last step is the Istikhara for marriage. This is done to seek advice from Allah. In other words, you are asking Allah about the outcome of the decision you are about to make.

Istikhara For Marriage Signs

Signs Of Istikhara For MarriageMany people think that they will see the Istikhara for marriage signs in their dreams. We must tell you that a person does not necessarily see the signs of a marriage in dream, vision, or sign/etc. You should not believe such things and keep on waiting to see the signs in your dreams.

The Istikhara for marriage signs is seen only if the istikhara dua for marriage is accepted. As a result of the dua getting accepted, the istikhara for marriage signs are seen as a change of inclination. If you feel more inclined towards a choice, then it is one of the most common Islamic ways  for marriage.

The preconceived notions regarding istikhara prayer and its outcomes are harmful. In many cases, people just wait for the signs to come in their dreams. In this wait, they just don’t pay attention to those signs that they may have come across. The person who is performing an istikhara should not just understand the process but also do a proper research about its results.

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Signs Of Istikhara For Marriage

Istikhara For Marriage SignsThe istikhara for marriage should be done with an open mind. It should be only done when one is unable to make a decision about marriage. People who are indecisive about marriage only should perform an istikhara for the decision of marriage. This should be done only for evidence or signs to make a decision. The signs of Istikhara for marriage are just evidence that help people in making a strong decision related to their marriage.

People who have almost made a decision about marriage should not perform the istikhara. The reason is that they already have in mind the things that will help them make the decision of marriage. Signs of Istikhara for marriage are just a waste for these people. So, they should not put in efforts to ask Allah for signs when they are already close to taking a decision.

Istikhara Marriage Signs

Let us now finally tell you what are the istikhara marriage signs? These signs will help a person in making a well thought decision about marriage. The signs of istikhara or the results of istikhara prayer can take many forms. The person will begin to feel a shift of preference to the right one for them. For example, if a person was okay with the marriage proposal and had performed the istikhara for it. The signs of Istikhara for marriage will make them not like the marriage proposal anymore. This sudden shift in choice is a very common sign of istikhara.

The istikhara marriage signs will make you feel favorable towards the choice that is right for you. The events that you were expecting will change. Things that you never expected or imagined will happen. These events will help you make a firm decision. All these istikhara signs are Allah’s guidance. You asked for this guidance through Istikhara and it will help you in having a happy life.

To know how to perform istikhara and how to read istikhara signs, you can contact our Maulvi.

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