Powerful Dua To Bring Husband And Wife Closer


Islamic Dua To Bring Husband And Wife Closer

All marital relation needs attention and love so that it can become successful. Many times we have seen that because of emotions like frustration & anger, the relationship between wife and husband becomes weak and unhealthy. But if the wife is good she should not do any such thing that will make her husband angry. But if she is not doing any such activity that will make her husband angry but still her husband is getting mad at her, without any reason, then she should recite Dua to bring husband and wife closer.

Our Muslim sister must not worry; she should make an Islamic dua to make a relationship stronger. All those wives who want their husband’s love can recite the powerful dua to keep the husband faithful in Islam. You can also make dua to increase love between husband and wife to Allah Subhan waa taalah. All those wives who want to make their relationship good with their husbands. And also want to live a life full of respect and love can recite this Islamic Solution.

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Here Is Wazifa or Dua To Make Relationship Stronger

We have often seen that because of anger issues most marital relationships have become very pathetic. But this dua to improve the relationship between husbands and wife has been helpful for a lot of wives who wanted to remove their husband’s antagonism. How to perform the Islamic Wazifa and dua to make relationship stronger is given below –

dua to make relationship stronger

  1. The wife should perform this Wazifa after namaz-e –isha.
  2. The wife should keep two almonds on her tongue. After that, she should recite Durood Sharif 11 times. While reciting she should keep almonds on her tongue and should think about her husband while reciting.
  3. After that, she should read ayat no 39 of surah taha 41 times. Then she should read the dua to bring husband and wife closer – “Bismillahey Alwasao Jallah Jalaloho”.
  4. Then again read Durood Shareef 11 times.
  5. After that wife should take out the almonds from her mouth. Then she should blow her breath on those almonds. Now, mix those almonds in some kind of sweet dish and make your shohar, eat it.
  6. In Sha Allah, her husband’s anger will slowly get less. She should also pray to Allah SWT because without Allah SWT permission nothing is possible. You need to do this dua and Wazifa to make a good relationship with husband or wife for continuous 7 days.

Dua For Good Relationship With Husband

Dua For a Good Relationship With Husband

The above-given dua to bring husband and wife closer is very effective. It helps in bringing husband and wife together and reduces the chances of separation. It can read differently for different situations. Therefore, you should not perform any wazifa or dua to keep husband and wife together without seeking the guidance of our Islamic Alim. You should not perform any wazifa with any wrong intentions. This Islamic solution to get a happy married life with your partner will help you surely. Just try these Islamic remedies for a better married life.

So, if you feel that there is a lack of love between you and your spouse then kindly contact us so that we can help you with the most powerful dua to keep husband faithful. We have so far helped many brothers and sisters give us a chance to assist you, as well.

Dua To Make Husband Closer To His Wife

Love and attention from the husband is the desire of every wife. If your husband loves you and admires you, you will feel more confident and will make more efforts to make your married life beautiful. On the other hand, if the husband does not show love and affection and is always busy with his work it is natural to feel unimportant. If you are bearing the pain of this situation in your heart use the dua to make husband closer to make him fall in love with you all over again. As Allah SWT knew the causes of the problems in the relationship, he has also provided the solutions to us in the form of dua.

 If you feel that your husband is always busy with his work and does not spend time with you, this dua for love from husband will change the situation. It will evoke love in your husband and he would lobe spend more time with you which will help you to minimize the differences. If your partner is always angry with you then try to reach us so that Molvi Ji will provide you best dua for a good relationship with your husband.

Powerful Dua For Love From Husband

Sometimes after a certain period, the love and adoration from the relationship fade. It is also caused by factors like financial problems, challenges of everyday life, the burden of responsibilities, etc. which decreases love and creates more arguments and fights.

If you want to save your relationship from this situation, read the powerful dua for husband love. If you have already entered this phase of the married life, then the dua for your husband to love you more will be the best choice to get rid of this situation. This dua to reunite husband and wife is very effective in bringing back the love and harmony of the relationship. He will start treating you with respect and love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Surah to bring husband wife closer?

You can also take the help of this surah dua for love and attraction from your husband to break any illicit love affairs of your husband and attract him to you again. He will forget about the other woman and will come back to you within a few days!

How can I get closer to my husband in Islam?

Reading dua for a husband to love his wife is the best way to get solutions to marriage problems. As we are the closest to Allah when we pray it is the best time to get our desires heard by Him. Reading the dua to get closer to my husband will help you to re-create the love in the relationship. This will help to bring back the passion that has been lost due to the conflicts.

How can I make my husband madly in love with me?

Follow this ritual or perform this dua for husband love in Islam.

Make fresh ablution and sit on the prayer mat.
Read Durood Sharif twice.
Now take a glass of water and read, “Bismillahir Rahman Nir Rahim” 786 times.
Pray this Islamic dua for the love of your husband.
After this blow the breath on the glass of water and give this to your spouse to drink.

Follow mentioned ritual and read the dua for husband’s love for 13 days. After Performing this you will start seeing the positive changes in the behavior of your husband.

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