Dua For Getting Love Back – Dua To Your Get Ex Back


Dua For Getting Love Back

Ok so, you have fallen in love with the one who doesn’t show the same interest in you and you secretly wish that they could somehow love you back! It seems like the dilemma of many folks! If you are someone who falls in the category of the ones we are talking about above, then this post is just about right for you. Today we are sharing dua for getting love back from the one you have lost your heart to. So stop wishing and start reading the dua for getting love back as this will manifest you the relationship with the ones you have been dreaming about.

It is not unusual that many people lose their heart over someone who doesn’t even like them the same way. This is because we do not our logic when it comes to love. It is pure and pious and this is why it so important to address this problem in the best way possible. The dua for getting love back is how you can plant love and attraction in the one your desire. This will help you to bring them closer to you and thereby increasing the chances of marinating a relationship with them.

Not only this, but if you have lost your lover over the issues in the relationship and have broken up, you can still get them back. With the help of the dua to your get ex back, you can get your lost lover back. If you are repenting breaking up with your partner and want them back in your life, this dua to get your ex back will be your companion. It will also make sure that the past mistakes are forgiven and the essence of the relationship is rekindled.

Dua To Your Get Ex Back

Dua To Your Get Ex Back

Dua for getting love back:

  • Make wuzu after your obligatory prayers.
  • Recite Durood E Sharif twice alone with Ayat Al kursi once.
  • Now read, “Bismillah E Alwasauu Jallahaa jallalluhoo” 2100 times while envisioning your lover.
  • After this Pray to Allah for bringing your lost love back and blow on the face of the lover.

Continue this ritual for 11 days. Make sure you are reading the dua to get your ex back with pure intentions. Pure intentions and beliefs are the catalysts in bringing faster results. You can consult our Molvi sab if you do not get the results within the time frame.

Couples whose relationships are disrupted with the interference of some other person can also take the help of dua for getting love back. As this dua works by planting love in the person you desire it can also help to bring the person back from the trap of the love affairs. When this happens, the relationship weakens and the trust between the partners is diminished. But this dua will also restore everything that has been lost due to this problem and will make your relationship bloom with love again.

If you wish to consult our Molvi Sab to discuss your problems in detail you can dial the numbers on our website.

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