Tasbeeh For Love – How To Perform Salatul Tasbeeh


Tasbeeh For Love

A Tasbeeh (or Tasbih) is a form of dhikr in Islam. It is a prayer that involves the glorification of Allah SWT by saying Subhanallah. Muslims repeat this dhikr a certain number of times. Tasbeeh for love, however, is read for a specific purpose. This purpose is about finding love in life or bringing back lost love.

Tasbeeh for love between husband and wife is a prayer that is helpful for marital relationships. The Tasbih for husband love is a prayer that our expert suggests people read to get rid of their problems

We all know that a relationship based on love is very delicate. Even though this bond between lovers or spouses is hard to replace, people still suffer in such relationships. The problems of love sometimes become a challenge for people to be in that relationship. People should learn to read the Tasbeeh for love for such a situation. 

Many people fall in love with someone only to realize that the other person does not love them. The pain of being in one-sided love can take a toll on any person. To get their love reciprocated by their crush, people should know how to perform the Tasbeeh for love

Tasbeeh For Husband Love

A married woman always expects her husband to love and respect her. Her efforts to make her husband love her sometimes give no results. In this case, she should know how to perform the Tasbeeh for husband love

Her husband is the most important person for a married woman for her. She deserves the love and affection of the man she left her family for after marriage. To make sure that your husband loves you as much as you love them, you can read the Tasbeeh for husband love

To read the Tasbeeh for husband love, a married woman should perform these steps: 

  • To perform the Tasbeeh for husband’s love, a woman must clean herself properly.
  • After performing wudu, she has to wear a fresh set of clothes.
  • Then she has to recite Durood Sharif eleven times.
  • After the Durood, she has to chant this verse: “Yaa Allaahu Yaa Fattahuu” 303 times.
  • Recite Durood Sharif eleven more times to complete this process.
  • This ritual is to be performed until a woman feels a positive change in her husband’s behavior.

Tasbeeh For Husband Love

How To Perform Salatul Tasbeeh?

We all know that there are majorly five types of salahs. There is a special kind of salat called the Salatul Tasbih. Prophet Muhammad advised his followers to read the Salatut Tasbih at least once in their life. This Tasbih consists of 4 rakat. If you don’t know how to pray Salatul Tasbeeh, we will help you understand it. 

If you want to learn how to perform salatul Tasbeeh, you have to follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • The Salatul Tasbih consists of 4 rakats and each of these rakats have 75 tasbih.
  • Before beginning each rak’at, you have first to mention your intention.
  • Then you have to recite all the Tasbihs of each rakat.
  • Recite a total of 300 tasbih.

To learn how to perform salatul tasbeeh in detail, you can contact our Maulvi Sahab. He will help you understand the complete process easily. 

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