Most Powerful Dua for Lost Love Back in Islam


Our Islamic Maulana and Alim can provide you with the most powerful dua for love back whenever you may need it. The purpose behind reciting the dua for your lover back is to get your loved one back, who has ended up a love relationship with you. This dua for my lover back is someone who is not able to face separation with their loved one and wants him or her back in life.

Life is a blend of some positive and negative experiences. At every phase of life, we meet new people and lose some. But, if you feel that you cannot live without someone and he or she does not believe your words. You can use the powerful dua for love in Islam to convince him or her to come back with love, in your life.

Most Powerful Dua for Love Back in Islam

Dua for Love

Getting the love of the person we love the most is like the dream come true. Now you can make your dream of making the one you love fall in love with you by the use of the dua to get lost love back. Today we will be sharing a short wazifa to get your love back that can help you make someone fall in love with you or bring your lost lover back. As the main aim of this dua for love to come back is to create feelings of love and desire. 

Many relationships end due to fights and conflicts or the lack of love. But the ones who believe in their love and have faith in Allah can get everything in life. Here is the Islamic dua for getting lost love back that is the blessing of Allah to solve the issues of the broken hearted in love. Love is the basis of every relationship in the universe. And this is why we can solve all problems in the relationship through it. With the help of this short wazifa to get your love back you can generate the feelings of love in the person you desire and make them want to have a relationship with you.

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Dua To Make Someone Love You Back

Have you fallen for someone but are afraid to express your feelings of affection in them? Have their thoughts and memories been haunting you and you cannot help but think about them? If you wish to make them fall for you and want them to have the same feelings for them then you should take the help of the dua to make someone love you back.

It is an effective dua to create a soft corner in someone’s heart for you and make them yours forever! Even if you wish to propose to them for the marriage but are shy or hesitant then this dua to make someone love you back can be helpful.

Do you feel that your partner doesn’t find you attractive and doesn’t give you importance like before? With the help of the dua to make someone love you back, you will find a solution. If two people are in the relationship for too long then this can create a rift between the partners in some way.

Here Is Dua for My Love Step By Step

This dua for my love will help you fall in love with the right person. Not only this, the dua for true love will make that person feel for you, with all his or her heart & they will be yours, forever!

Follow this ritual for reading the dua to get back my lost love:

  1. Make fresh wazu.
  2. Read Durood E Sharif thrice in the beginning.
  3. Now read, “Ya Wadudu Ya Raufu Ya Raheemu” 303 times.

This short wazifa to get your love back will develop the feelings of love and desire in the person you love and they will fall in love with you. Make sure you read the dua to get back lost love with a pure heart and right intention. Do not try to break someone’s relationship with the help of this love dua.

Islamic Dua For Lost Love Back

There are people who have been lucky and found their true love, naturally. They found their soul mates and are happy with them. But, sometimes, something happens and that person leaves you because of harsh circumstances. In such situations, you can use the dua for lost love back.

This dua for lost love back will bring back your lover to you no matter how hard it may seem. It will separate him or her from other people and will push you close. The dua for lost love back can actually help you in reviving your love life. And also making the bond, even stronger for the future.

Laa qadd aa qum rasulam min anfuu seekum azee zun alai hee maa anee tumm haree sum alai kumm bil mu meeninaa raauphurr Raheem

This above dua for love back is from the Holy Islamic books. It is a well-tested method for winning the heart of your lover, once again. The dua for lost love back is recited, as directed by our Maulana. Insha Allah, very soon your lost lover will come back to you.

most powerful dua for lost love back

How To Get Your Lover Back By Dua

Our Molvi Ji is a notable personality when it comes to fixing issues and mistakes related to love life. He helps powerless people in getting their lover back by introducing them with the most powerful dua for love back.

The most powerful dua for lost love back is mentioned above to help you in recreating a beautiful life with your beloved, once again. This dua will help you in bringing your lover back to you. And in reminding him or her how great your relationship was with him or her.

  • You can recite the above mentioned most powerful dua for lost love back.
  • After the namaz of maghrib at least 11 times & blow your breath on the photograph of your lover.
  • After that make a prayer that he or she may come back to you instantly.

If you will carefully follow instruction while reciting the most powerful dua for lost love back, you can get your lover back in your life. Insha Allah. Just have faith in our Almighty & in the told dua and wazifas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any dua to make someone love you?

Yes, there is a powerful dua to make someone love you as much as you love them. This dua will help you in developing the feeling of love in the heart of the person you really like. This dua is helpful for unmarried as well as married people.

Can Dua bring someone back into your life?

Dua to get lost love back is the best prayer to read for this purpose.

  • You have to first take a shower to perform this dua.
  • Begin reciting Surah Al-Qariah seven times.
  • Recite Durood Shareef five times. And pray to Allah to bring your lost love back to you.

Is there any dua for love?

The dua for love and attraction is the remedy that people read for the purpose of finding love. This dua will help you in attracting love and romance in your life. If you wish to attract someone towards you, then begin to recite this dua for love and attraction as soon as possible.

How do you get someone back in your life Islam?

Dua to get lost love back is the best Islamic solution. It is also the most effective dua to get someone special back in your life as per Islam. We all make mistakes in life that lead us to staying away from the people in life. This dua is the solution for all the people who are facing the problems of staying away from their loved ones.

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