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Dua For Broken Heart

Dua For A Broken Heart

Dua For Heartbreak

Not everyone in this world is lucky enough to get married to the person you love. A lot of people have to go through the pain of heartbreak. The reason for this heartbreak might be your partner’s disloyalty, parents’ disagreement, or some difficult situations. No matter what the reason for your breakup was, the pain of heartbreak is no less for anyone. To cope up with your breakup, you need the Surah dua for broken heart. This Islamic dua is the best way with which you can let go of all your pain. You may also face heartbreak after expressing your love for someone. This might be the case because the other person does not feel the same for you.

You can be broken-hearted if your friend has distanced themselves from you. A friend with whom you have spent years together leaves you to be friends with someone else. This pain of betrayal is a feeling no person should ever go through. But destiny does not hold only happiness in life; you have to go through pain as well.

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Dua For Heartbreak

The pain of heartbreak can be treated with the dua for a broken heart. This dua helps you get over your sad emotions. You can improve your emotional and mental health through this dua for healing. This dua will bring back happiness in your life.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for heartbreak. Only time can heal the scars created on your mind.  With the dua for heartbreak, you can gather all your strength to get better from your heartbreak. With correct consultation from a Maulvi, you get to understand this dua better.

This dua is powerful enough to make you forget the actual reason for heartbreak. You will start forgetting all the bad memories that remind you of the pain of betrayal. With the correct use of this dua, you can also forget the emotional stress you have in your life.

Dua To Get Over A Broken Heart

Dua To Get Over A Broken Heart

After going through some heartbreaking situations in life, it is hard to find happiness. Nothing brings you happiness or peace anymore. The restlessness created by emotional stress in your mind starts taking a toll on you. Your deteriorating health also becomes noticeable by people around you.

But if you are tired of suffering through the pain of heartbreak, the dua to get over a broken heart will help. This dua will help you make efforts to find your happiness. You will start getting your confidence back. You will try to forget all the bad memories in your life.

The correct dua to forget heartbreak is: “YaaHayyuYaaQayyum, Astagfirullaah”

It is to be kept in mind that this dua should be performed after the namaz of Ishaa. You can repeat this dua for hurting heart as many times as you can. After the namaz of Isha, you can sleep. The next morning you will surely wake up with a fresh mind and your heart will not feel the burden of your heartbreak anymore.

You can consult our Maulvi if you want to know more about this dua.

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