Islamic Dua To Forget Someone You Love


Dua To Stop Loving Someone

Dua To Stop Loving Someone

It takes a lot of pain to let someone go. You may have to deal with a lot of anxiety and mental stress when your lover leaves you and goes. Some may not be able to emerge out from it while there are those who try very hard. If your lover has just left you for someone and you find it tough to cope with the situation, then you should perform Islamic dua to forget someone you love. The dua will help you combat the situation and emerge victorious. It will help you fight the trauma and deal with the separation in a calmer way.

If your partner has been cheating on you and no matter how many chances you give him/her they turn up doing the same thing with you. If you are really compelled by your feelings and you don’t want to give up on him/her then the best thing is to ask for strength from Allah Talah. The dua to stop loving someone will help you in getting courage to leave your unfaithful lover. It will help you in getting the power to control your feelings for him/ her.

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How To Forget Someone In Islam

How To Forget Someone In Islam

Insha Allah, with the help of the dua, you will be able to overcome your feelings and make a strong decision of leaving him/ her forever. If your heart is unable to accept their bad qualities and you continue looking for ways to forgive them and make a fresh start then believe me you are hurting yourself and no one else. It is better to let go rather than keep on suffering with him/her. You can discuss the procedure of the dua with our Molvi sab. He will give you the best possible help in this regard.

If your past haunts you and your ex-lover’s thoughts keep on hurting you, then you should seek refuge in the light of Allah Miyan to get out of it. The dua to remove bad thoughts is your best attempt to give up your past memories. If you did not have a good time with your partner and you just want to forget about it, then this dua will prove to be of great help to you. It will make you victorious and help you fight all the bad memories and leave your past behind. All you need to do is focus on making a new start and keep praying to Allah Talah for a better present and future.

Dua To Remove Bad Thoughts

Islamic dua to forget someone you love:

Al Khabeesato Lil Khabeesina Wal Khabeesuna Lil Khabeesati Wat Tayyibatu Lit Tayyibina Wat Tayyibuna Lit Tayyibati Ula’ Aika Mubarra Oona Mimma Yakuloona Lahum Magfiratun Wa Rizkun Kareem”

  • Recite this dua daily 21 times and any time you feel depressed in your heart.
  • Insha Allah, it will clearly bring your mind and heart at rest and you will find peace.
  • The dua is all –powerful and will help you in forgetting your lover with ease and move on in life. For any other help contact us!

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