Wazifa and Dua To Break Someone Engagement or Relationship


Dua to Break Someone Engagement

When two people get their engagement done, it is a good thing & we should be happy for the couple. But, if the couple is crossing the line of Islam and they are getting married illegally, then using the Dua to break someones engagement is absolutely halal.

For instance, the woman is already married to you or to someone you care about. Now, she’s getting engaged to another man; such relation is haram in the eyes of Islam, you need to quickly break it off with the help of the Dua to break someone’s engagement.

Similarly, if a man is getting engaged with another woman without confronting his wife, then this is also haram. In such a situation, you have all the rights to practice the Dua to break someone’s engagement to get your husband back.

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Dua For Breaking Engagement 

It is hard to see your loved one getting engaged to someone you think is not good enough for him or her. If you have right intentions of protecting someone and to give them a good life with you, then you can use the dua for breaking engagement without hesitation.

Dua To Break Relationship

But, if you have intentions to harm or hurt someone by breaking the engagement, then do not use this dua for breaking engagement. If your loved ones are involved in an illegal relationship and you want to protect them, then this dua for breaking engagement will help you in achieving that.

With the help of the dua for breaking an engagement, you can build hatred between the engaged couple and separate them. This motivates your loved one to come to you. He or she will choose you for legal marriage instead of their fiancé with the help of this dua for breaking the engagement.

Dua To Break Relationship

To stop your son or daughter or even your parents from entering into an unlawful or illegal (haram) relationship with a person, you can use the dua to break the relationship. You can separate haram activities from halal with the help of the dua to break relationship.

It is completely prohibited in Islam to practice things that come under the haram category for example – Zina. If someone you care about is into zina relationship with another person, then you need to use the dua to break relationship to separate them from each other, as soon as possible.

Surah Lahab Dua To Break Relationship in English

Many times, husbands have illegal affairs behind their wives back and sometimes, the wives lie to their husbands and cheat them with another man. This haram activity can only be stopped by Islamic solutions like the dua to break relationships that are unlawful.

The extramarital affair or having a physical relationship with someone is considered unlawful in the eyes of Allah Subhan Wa tala & you need to put a stop on it with the help of the above-given dua to break relationships in Quran.

Surah Lahab is a very powerful surah dua to break relationships by turning two people against each other. Generally, people are fooled by Shaitan and they feel excited by performing illegal activities. The dua to break relationships will kill the fun of haram activities and the couple will be enjoying with each other. They will not be able to enjoy each other company because of the dua to break relationships. Eventually, the dua to break someone’s relationship with force them to drop haram relations.

The Wazifa To Break Someone Engagement or Relationship

Here is a quick wazifa to break someone’s engagement or relationship. This can be performed on a person who is involved in haram activities or in an illegal relationship.

The procedure for the wazifa to break someone engagement or relationship is as follow –

  • Recite Durood Shareef 3 times, in the starting and ending of this wazifa;
  • In this wazifa, you need to recite the Surah Lahab (eleven times) after the morning prayer – fazir.
  • You need to practice the wazifa to break someone’s engagement or relationship, at least for 17 days, without any gaps.

So, if you want to get rid of haram relationship, marriage or engagement or to help someone in getting out of one, you can practice the wazifa to break someone’s engagement or relationship after seeking approval from our Maulana Noor Mohammad Sahib.

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