Ruqyah For Marriage Blockage or Separation Problems


Ruqyah for marriage blockage is performed to protect or cure yourself or your Muslim brothers and sisters. It is used to blow off the marriage to protect the interest of a person. The ruqyah for marriage is available in different forms such as – taweez, spells, wazifa, and so on. Earlier, Prophet (Peace and Blessing upon Him) had declared Ruqyah as shirk but later, he allowed us to use only those Ruqyah that is allowed in Islam – such as the Ruqyah for marriage.

So, a Ruqyah for a marriage performed to stop a Nikah that is illegal in the eyes of Islam is not a sin. It is halal to perform Ruqyah for marriage with good intention and to stop haram practices in society. You can perform this Ruqyah for marriage for yourself and on behalf of your near and dear ones.

Ruqyah for Marriage Block

Conditions that allow you to perform Ruqyah for marriage block in Islam –

  1. Ruqyah should be with Allah’s names or words or attributes;
  2. Ruqyah should be in Arabic;
  3. Ruqyah should not have direct effect but by Allah.

Ruqyah for marriage block contains an invocation for Almighty’s protection and helps to stop a marriage. It is a magical procedure but one must believe that the ultimate power is Allah alone, and Ruqyah for marriage block just means that he controls as he likes. Thus, practice the Ruqyah for marriage block and put your trust in Allah. Allah will command his messenger to block the undesirable marriage or nikah when he accepts your ruqyah.

Ruqyah for marriage separation problems

Ruqyah for Marriage Blockage

Do you feel that your husband or wife is cheating on you? Do you think that they are trying to enter into a haram nikah with another person? You can use the Ruqyah for marriage blockage to stop the marriage. Is another woman is trying to seduce and encourage your husband to marry her? And you are unable to make your husband see her evil intents then you can recite the below-given dua for your husband protection.

The dua for Ruqyah is as follows:-

Bismil laahee arq ik, min kul lee shay in yu thik, min shar ree kul lee naff sin aww aynee haa sid

You need to carefully use this dua for ruqyah and to know the correct procedure of doing it, you can get in touch with our Molvi Hazrat Noor Mohammad Ji.

A girl whose marriage is fixed might not be sure about her alliance. If she doesn’t want it to take place and cannot do anything about it. No one is listening to her. She has the right to decide for herself with a clear mind and good intentions. She can protect herself using the Ruqyah for marriage blockage.

The Ruqyah for marriage blockage will stop the marriage from happening. It gets inside your brain and continuously urges the person on whom it is performed to take actions in favor of the person who has performed the Ruqyah for marriage blockage on him.

Ruqyah for Marriage Separation Problems

Ruqyah for marriage separation problems is a halal and 100% effective magical cure. Since it has the ability to protect and stop something from happening, therefore, it can protect your marriage too. If you are facing the separation issues, then use the Ruqyah for marriage separation problems immediately to get rid of it.

Seek guidance and shelter from Allah Miyan to safeguard your marriage with the help of the Ruqyah for marriage separation problems. You can get out of a divorce and separation situation by using the ruqyah. It is very important to give your marriage a second chance. You should try everything to resolve problems. The Ruqyah for marriage separation problems has always shown positive results.

So, no matter what the trouble is whether you want to block your marriage or you wish to resolve the separation problems, the Ruqyah for marriage is available for everyone stuck in every situation.

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