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Dua For Marriage in Islam

Dua For Marriage Proposal Acceptance Are you looking forward to getting married this year? Do you want to get a proposal from somewhere? Do you want to marry at the right age? Well, if yes then you should recite dua for marriage proposal acceptance in Islam. The dua will help you in getting married with … Read more

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Istikhara For Love Marriage Dua

Istikhara For Love Marriage Dua Marriages are made in heaven, but you still don’t know whether the person you have chosen for your marriage is the right one for you or not. Whether you go for a love marriage or arrange marriage, it is very important to know that your chosen partner is right for … Read more

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Wazifa For Acceptance Of Marriage Proposal

Wazifa For Marriage Proposal Acceptance If you have fallen in love with a beautiful woman and want to get married to her only. Every woman gets a lot of proposals for marriage. If you want your proposal to be accepted without any obstacle, then try the wazifa for acceptance of marriage proposal. The wazifa for … Read more

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Wazifa For Quick Marriage Proposal

Wazifa For Quick Marriage Proposal For Girl In Islamic culture, marriage is possible only when a man sends a proposal to the woman’s family and they accept it. After the proposal is accepted, the man can present gifts to the woman he proposed to. Are you a woman whose parents are always stressed about getting … Read more

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Ya Fattahu for Marriage

Ya Fattahu Wazifa For Marriage Marriage isn’t something which you can perform as another daily life errand. It requires a lot of thinking, research and effort. Marrying someone isn’t sufficient; you have to make efforts to make your marital relationship successful and happy. If you are thinking of getting married this year or you plan … Read more

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Surah For Marriage Proposal

Surah Ahzab For Marriage Proposals Marriage isn’t just about sharing your happiness and sadness with someone, it is about sharing your life, ups, and downs with a person. Hence, you look for a compatible and feasible proposal. If you are in search for a suitable partner for you and want your marital life to be … Read more

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Istikhara for Marriage by Name

Istikhara for Marriage by Name Marriage may not always be successful. No one can actually predict the success rate of marriage because you really don’t know. Sometimes, even lovers may break up while on the other hand, two unknown people may live a very happy married life. No one but Allah Subhana Wa Tala knows … Read more

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Dua Istikhara For Marriage

Dua Istikhara For Marriage Marriage is a big decision in a person’s life and regardless of how much surety you have, you still want to get comfort from someone reliable. Who more could be more reliable and beneficent than the Almighty? Yes, when you perform dua istikhara for marriage, you can get assurance directly from … Read more

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