Dua To Melt Someone Heart in Islam


There are many occasions on which you come in contact with an individual who is extremely rude and arrogant. He/she never gets you or recognizes your concern. In this situation, you ought to quickly take the help of dua to melt someone’s heart. For the acceptance of your thought process and well-meaning goal, you can begin to recite this dua. In case that an individual doesn’t have the idea how to regard somebody or treat somebody in the correct manner, this dua will make him or she understand it. Dua to melt someone’s heart will relax his or her heart and they will begin behaving well with other individuals and become a changed person.

The dua for melting someone’s heart can also be used if a person very dear to you is angry with you. Sometimes we all make mistakes that can hurt the person we know and love. These mistakes can make that person upset and it can greatly affect the relationship. Even after multiple tries of asking for forgiveness, if the person is not talking to you then you must try this effective dua.

Dua To win someone’s heart

Dua To win someone heart

Do you have a crush or lover who is extremely inconsiderate to you and has no worry for you or your sentiments? If yes, then you should try the dua to win someone’s heart. In an instant, the dua will make change his or her behavior and she or he will begin feeling worried about you. He/She will really focus on you, love you and recognize each detail of yours.

Dua for winning someone’s heart is also majorly used by people who want to make their one-sided love requited. When a person has a crush on someone then they can do anything to get their feelings reversed. They would want their crush to pay attention to them and begin to feel the same feelings of love. To make this difficult situation a reality, one should begin reciting the dua to make someone’s heart soft as soon as possible.

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Dua To Win Husbands Heart

Dua to win husband’s heart is just like the dua for winning someone’s heart. The only difference is that the former is performed to win a spouse’s heart while the latter is used to win any other person’s heart. The dua to win your husband’s heart is a remedy that is majorly used by newly married women.

After marriage, a woman tries a lot of things to win her husband’s heart and to make him love her. In most cases, these efforts are sufficient while in others many women have to face disappointment. This disappointment can however be removed with the help of the dua to make someone’s heart soft.

Dua To Melt Husband’s Heart

Dua To Win Husband Heart

Many times, women get married to men who are emotionally challenged or strict in nature. They like to do everything as per their wish and do not try to change their behavior even after marriage. This situation can become difficult for their wife because they too have to act like as per the wish of their spouse.

The dua to melt the husband’s heart is used so that a husband begins to understand his wife’s perspective. He will get a realization of the difficulties his wife is facing because of his ignorant behavior. Along with this realization, he will also change his behavior and will be more considerate towards his wife.

Let us now tell you the process of performing the dua to melt husband’s heart:

  • You have to perform this dua after the jumma namaz.
  • Begin reciting Darood Shareef for seven times.
  • Chant “YaaWaaliyoo” for five hundred times.
  • Again, reciteDarood Shareef for seven more times.
  • Keep on performing this dua until you begin noticing the positive change in your husband’s behavior.

If you want more information about this dua, then you can call our Maulvi Sahab directly.

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