Dua To Put Love In Someone’s Heart – Dua To Turn Someone’s Heart


Dua To Create Love In Someone Heart

dua To Create Love In Someone Heart

Being in love with someone is not wrong. Being in one-sided love can be stressful. Always hoping for the other person to fall in love is a slow and painful process. In life, love should only bring happiness and peace not pain. But you can’t force someone to love you. A proper way of making someone love is the dua to put love in someone’s heart. With this dua, Allah develops love in the heart of the person you love. This dua is not black magic. This should always be kept in mind. This dua is a Quranic remedy that helps you get love in your life.

Dua to create love in someone heart is used by those people who love someone deeply and want that love reciprocated. This dua is used to create the feeling of love in the heart of the person you want. This dua has been used by ancient people to marry the person they liked.

If you go to any Islamic astrologer with this problem, they will also suggest the same dua. They will guide you properly and tell you the process of performing this dua. This dua will make the person you like start feeling for you. They will soon start to fall in love and will want to marry you as soon as possible.

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How To Create Love In Someone Heart

Do you want your crush to love you as much as you love him? When a woman falls in love, she starts dreaming of living the perfect life with her lover. Sometimes it is painful to realize that the man she loves does not feel the same for her.

What if the man you love does not love you enough to marry you? Do you keep on thinking about how to create love in someone’s heart? Have you tried all the remedies to make someone love you? Your search ends here. The dua to make someone love you is the solution to all your problems.

Dua To Turn Someone’s Heart

Dua To Turn Someone's Heart

Is your husband going away from you? Has your husband started paying attention to other women? Are you afraid of losing your partner to someone else?

You don’t have to worry anymore. The dua to turn someone’s heart is the best way to make your lover love you back. This dua can be used by those people as well who are desperate for their lover to fall in love with them.

The process of the dua to make someone love you is:

  • Bring your thoughts together while you take a bath.
  • Perform ablution using fresh water.
  • After the Isha namaz, recite Durood Shareef for 11 times.
  • During these recitations, keep on thinking about your love.
  • Then recite this Ayat: “laqadjaakumrasul min anfusikumazizun ‘alaihimaa ‘ennittumharisun ‘alaikumbilmu’mineenara’oofurraheem”
  • Recite this dua for 51 times softly.
  • After this, chant Darood Shareef for another 11 times.

If you perform this dua for a week with a pure heart, then your wish will surely be fulfilled by Allah.

Contact our Maulvi Sahab, if you want to know more about this dua.

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