Dua For Nazar Bad in Islam


How to Remove Nazar

Evil eye, also known as nazar in Urdu is a way to harm someone. When a person feels jealous of someone’s life, they often cast an evil eye on them. This nazar brings bad luck in the life of the person on whom it has been cast on. In this article, we will tell you how to remove nazar in Islam by reading dua for nazar.

The dua for nazar is a dua for removing evil eye from someone’s life. It has the power to remove not only nazar but also the effects of jinn or negativity. It can easily remove bad luck from life.

A person affected from evil eye can suffer a lot in life. They may experience sickness, loss of wealth/ family, and bad luck. This is all caused by someone’s buri nazar who is jealous of their happiness. To get rid of all these negative effects, one must read the dua for nazar.

Dua For Nazar Bad

Everyone has heard of the negative impact of nazar bad. However, sometimes nazar or evil eye can also happen unintentionally. A slight moment of envy can cause a person to get affected by buri nazar. This is why it is said to perform the dua for nazar bad on a regular basis.

The dua for nazar bad is a prayer for all those who want to know how to remove evil eye. It is helpful if a person or home is affected by evil eye. However, regular recitation of the dua for nazar bad can also prevent anything wrong from happening in life.

To perform this dua, you will have to follow this process:

  • Reciting this verse regularly can remove evil eye: “A’oodhu bi kalimat-Allah al-tammati min sharri maa khalaq.”
  • Reciting the Surah Fatiha provides guidance, lordship, and mercy of Allah (SWT). It can heal a person from the negative impact of the buri nazar.

To find out how to remove buri nazar by yourself, you can contact our Islamic scholar.

Dua For Nazar E Bad

Whenever something bad unexpectedly happens in our life, we blame it on nazar. Many Muslims believe that the mishaps in their life is the cause of a nazar. If you also believe in buri nazar, you must remember to have faith in Allah. To protect yourself from all negative things, you can recite Dua for nazar e bad.

By reading the nazar bad dua, you can prevent evil eye. Allah SWT will take care of you if you recite this dua with faith in him. You can also protect your loved ones and your family by reading this dua.

Reciting the last two surahs of the Quran (Al-Falaq and An-Nas) can prove to be helpful in removing evil eye. You can recite it before going to bed every night. It will protect you and your home from all negative energies. It fill also protect you from any evil lingerig around you.

If you want expert guidance about performing the dua for nazar, you can talk to our Islamic scholar.

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