Dua For Family Safety And Protection


Dua For Protection

There are times when you are prone to different dangers and calamities in your life. You may be surrounded by dangerous animals or any natural calamity and you may be scared for your life and your family’s safety. If you ever encounter such a problem, then remember no one other than Allah Talah can help you. Yes, you should make dua for protection and Insha Allah, nothing will ever be able to touch you or harm you in anyway. No calamity can overtake you till help comes to you.

And, it is just not it. The dua for protection from you against all the evil.Whether you fear from your enemy who can harm you physically or mentally or you wish that jinn or black magic can harm you, then you can just recite dua for protection and Insha Allah, you will be secure from all seen and unseen problems of the world. You can recite dua for family protection if you have similar fear for your family. When you recite this dua, Insha Allah, nothing will be able to harm your family too.

Dua For Family Protection

Dua For Family Protection

Dua For Safety And Protection

A person is more tensed about his family other than himself and the dua for family protection is the best remedy to safeguard your family from everything that you are afraid can harm your family. No satanic activity, no jinnat or enemy actions can ever reach out to your family once you practice dua for family protection for your family and make dua to Allah Talah for the safety of each and every member of your family.

It is equally important to pray for your safety. Hence, whenever you go out of your house, make dua for safety and protection. The dua will keep you protected as long as you are out of the house. Then again make dua for safety and protection when you enter the house and it will protect you till the time you are inside the house. You can get the dua for safety and protection from our molvi sb. He will provide you the most suitable dua in this regard. If you live at a place where scorpions, snakes and lizards often come, then dua for safety and protection will help you in protecting from these animals. If you live at a place which is prone to natural calamities, then dua for family protection will secure you and your family members.

Dua For Safety And Protection

Dua for protection:

“BismillahHilLazee La YadhurruMa’aasMihiShaiyunFilArdhiWalaFisSama’iiWaHuwasSami’ulAleem”

Recite this dua three times in the morning and three times in the evening and blow in all the four corners of your house and on all the members of your family.

If you feel that your enemy is planning some threatening activity against you or your family, then his entire plan will fail and he will not be able to harm you or your family in anyway.

Feel free to get dua for natural calamities or dangerous animals from our molvi sb.

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