Dua For Family Happiness And Success


Dua For Happiness

Dua For Happiness And Success

Everyone is just struggling for their betterment and happiness in this life. But remember one thing, your happiness lies in your hand. It’s just that sometimes people get so impatient that they just want everything together. No, there is a specific time for everything and one needs to be happy with whatever they have in the meantime. If you wish to bring happiness and contentment in your life, then you should make dua for happiness. The dua will help you in bring peace, happiness and satisfaction in your life.

Whether you want happiness in your married life or you desire happiness in your bachelor’s life, the dua for happiness works in the entire situations. If you want to get successful in your work and you want to be happy with everything you have achieved and will achieve in your life, then dua for happiness and success will help you in this regard. Make dua to Allah for your work and mind peace and Insha Allah, things will start falling into place.

Dua For Happiness And Success

Dua For Family Happiness

Often people start losing their cool when their work doesn’t go as planned. If this is the case with you, then dua for happiness and success is just the best solution. Recite it to bring contentment in your work and happiness in your life and InshaAllah, you will never suffer financially or mentally because of your work. If you wish to bring happiness and peace in your married life and you want your family to always be content and joyous, then dua for family happiness will be of great help to you. The dua will help you in making marriage prosperous, happy and content.

At times, your marriage goes from certain ups and downs and you just want peace and happiness in life. If this is what you demand, then make dua for family happiness to Allah Talah and Insha Allah, your prayers will be heard. In order to get the dua for family happiness and to practice it in the right manner, you should contact our molvi sb. He will guide you the procedure of the dua. Your happiness lies inside you and thus, you don’t need to depend on it on anyone, other than Allah Talah. Make dua for happiness and soon you will get calmness, joy, and contentment.

Dua For Family Happiness

Dua for happiness is given below:

“RabbanaWalaTahmilAlainaIsran Kama HamalTahuAlalLazeen Min KablinaRabbanaWalaTuhammilna Mala Taqata Lana BihiWa’fy Anna Wagfir Lana WarHamna Anta MaulanaFansurnaAlalKaumilKafireen”

Recite this dua after the namaz of Asr 51 times and pray to Allah Talah for your happiness and peace. Pray for happiness of all your Muslim brothers and sisters. Insha Allah, you will see that all the problems and obstacles will alleviate from your life and your life will get better with every passing day.

Have firm faith in the dua for happiness and recite it with clarity in your heart. Soon, you will find calmness and peace in your heart.

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