Dua For Evil Eye Protection in Islam


Dua For Evil Eye Protection

A lot of people are skeptical about evil eyes. Some think that is just a superstition that people have in their mind. Our ancestors often tell us how evil eye can harm us but we often think that things like this does not happen in the modern times. Let us tell you the reality. The evil eye is a reality and a lot of people get affected by it. The dua for evil eye protection is the remedy that is a solution for this problem.

The dua for evil eye in the holy Quran tells us that the evil eye is real. The reality of the evil eye has the power to overtake the divine. It harm the person on whom it is directed towards. Let us now tell you what evil eye is called in Arabic. The Arabic word ‘al-ain’ is the incidence of a person causing harm to another person with their negative eye. By negative eye, we mean to say the look of jealousy that becomes the reason of people feeling that their happiness has suddenly disappeared.

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Dua Against Evil Eye

dua for protection from evil eye

It is basic human nature to feel envious of other people’s success and happiness. When this envy becomes jealousy that is what is considered evil eye. Even as someone thinks of other person’s happiness with a feeling of jealousy, they might or might not affect them with their evil eye. When someone thinks of how to destroy the other person by their evil intentions, this is what is called an evil eye. And the remedy from the holy Quran to get rid of it is the dua against evil eye.

No person has an idea of what the real nature of the people around them is. There are many people who fake to be the sweetest to everyone but in reality they are the most cunning and evil. Not every person puts an evil eye on someone around them. The people who harbor the feeling of pure and deep jealousy and resentment are the ones who end up putting evil eyes on others. The dua for evil eye protection is an Islamic prayer that will protect the people from getting affected by the evil eye.

Dua For Protection From Evil Eye

The evil eye can be cast by anyone, even by our loved ones. It can be a deliberate or an unconscious consequence of the jealous attitude of a person. The protection from evil eye can be done by those who have taken a refuge of Allah. This is why those who believe in Allah Tala should keep on reading the dua for protection from evil eye and jealousy.

We are now going to tell you how to perform the dua for protection from evil eye to protect yourself, your babies and your family.

  • Make fresh ablution and complete your daily namaz.
  • After completing the namaz, begin reciting the Durood thrice.
  • And, then begin reciting Surah Falaq and Surah Nas five times each.
  • After this, you have to read this dua: “Bismillaah Hi Allah Hummaa Azhaab Harr Raha Waa Bardaha Waa Wasabaha”.
  • Practice this dua for at least hundred times.
  • Pray to Allah to always protect you and your loved ones from negative effects of evil eye.

If you are searching for the dua for protecting your baby from evil eye, you can contact our Maulvi Sahab.

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