Astaghfirullah Benefits for Love Marriage in Islam


Astaghfirullah Benefits

Astaghfirullah for marriage

Duas have a very special importance in our lives. The duas from the holy Quran have a significance that is often forgotten by the people who know about them. Istighfar or Astaghfirullah benefits us all in ways that we cannot even imagine. The powerful supplication of Astaghfirullah is read to seek forgiveness of Allah.

It is the sunnah of Prophet to seek Astaghfirullah for at least 100 times daily. The reason why we say to seek Istighfaar 100 times will shock you. Allah guaranteed Jannah to Prophet Muhammad when he kept of seeking Allah’s forgiveness for 100 times every day. What we need to understand that if the Prophet had to seek forgiveness that many times, we are mere humans. We need to keep of asking for Allah’s forgiveness as many times as we can to be granted heaven. This is one of the most important Astaghfirullah benefits for us all.

By reading the beautiful supplication of Astaghfirullah, benefits are instantly seen in life. Istighfar is the gateway of relief and happiness in our lives. Reciting it in difficult times will take away all the distress from your life. This special prayer will benefit you by bringing peace in your life.

If you want your marriage to happen as soon as possible then you can do this powerful Islamic wazifa for marriage in 3 days for it.

Astaghfirullah For Marriage

Astaghfirullah For Love Marriage

We all know that we have to get married at some point or another. It is very important to find a life partner who will become our companion for a lifetime. When a person feels the need to settle down, they should begin to pray before Allah. Astaghfirullah for marriage is the supplication that should be performed for getting married.

Astaghfirullah wazifa for marriage is a miraculous remedy that helps people facing difficulty in getting married. We all know how difficult it is for people to find a life partner with whom they feel compatible. It is not an easy task to find a person who is righteous and pious. This is why Islamic scholars ask people to read the Astaghfirullah for marriage. This will help them in getting forgiven by Allah for the mistakes and sins they have done in life. If those mistakes or sins have been the reason behind the delay in their marriage then they will be forgiven soon.

Astaghfirullah For Love Marriage

Now that you know about the Astaghfirullah wazifa for getting married, we are going to tell you how to use it for love marriage. Written below is the process of performing Astaghfirullah for love marriage:

  • Begin performing ablution as it is the most important thing to do before doing anything regarding this prayer.
  • In case of love marriage, write down the name of the person you love. If you don’t have someone in mind, you can just write down your wish to get married.
  • Now fold that piece of paper and keep it in front of you. Then begin reciting Surah Al-Basrah 6 times.
  • Now you have to chant this verse: Rabbi Inni Allaah Awwal Akhiir Zaman Tiroy Hiistt. Chant this verse for 565 times in a soft voice.
  • Finish this process with 7 recitations of Darood Shareef.
  • Now keep the piece of paper under your pillow while sleeping.
  • Continue this process for a month to get best results.

To understand the importance of Astaghfirullah for love marriage, you can contact our Maulvi Ji.

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