Islamic Surah For Love Marriage


Surah For Love Marriage

Being in love with an amazing person is the biggest happiness anyone can experience in their life. When a person falls in love, they dream of spending their whole life together. While many people are fortunate to make this dream a reality. There are still some lovers who face a lot of difficulties in marrying the person they love. The Surah for love marriage is the prayer that is a helpful solution.

Many people think that surah for love marriage is just for the people who have found their lover. Our Islamic scholar believe that this surah is helpful for the people who wish to find love as well. This prayer is a remedy that helps people find their destined partner.

Youngsters these days wish to be in a relationship before getting married. They want to find a partner and want to know them before tying the knot. This helps them get to know each other better and then begin the journey as life partners. The surah for love marriage is an Islamic remedy that can help people find love in life.

Surah To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

When people fall in love, they often do not think too far in the future. However, when they decide to get married, rejection from their parents shocks them. In our society, acceptance for love marriage in the present times is still not so easy. This is why people who wish to marry their lover should know about the surah to convince parents for love marriage.

The surah to convince parents for love marriage can be read in two different circumstances.

  • When the lovers decide to get married, they can perform the surah to convince parents for love marriage before telling them. This will help them in getting an instant approval for their love marriage.
  • On the other hand, if you are someone whose parents are not ready to accept your love marriage, read this surah. The surah to convince parents for love marriage will help you in convincing them.

Surah Yasin Ayat 36 For Love Marriage

Surah Yasin is one of the most influential prayers that will help a person in problems related to marriage. The Surah Yasin ayat 36 for love marriage is the prayer that will help any person in having a love marriage. There are a lot of problems other than convincing parents for love marriage. Sometimes, these problems are known and sometimes not.

To deal with the unknown problems, one should read the Surah Yasin ayat 36 for love marriage. It is a prayer that will help in getting rid of all the problems that are delaying your love marriage. To perform this surah for marriage, follow the process mentioned below:

  • You have to recite the Surah Yasin after the Isha namaz.
  • Begin with performing wudu and completing the Isha salah.
  • Then, recite “Yaa Allah Illaha” 100 times followed by Surah Fatiha seven times.
  • At the end, recite the 36th verse of surah Yasin 100 times while thinking of the problem you are facing in your love marriage.

To know more about the surah for love marriage, you can consult our Maulvi Sahab directly.

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