How To Do Istikhara For Husband – Istikhara For Husband To Divorce


How To Do Istikhara For Husband

Istikhara dua for husband is the most helpful blessing granted to us from the Almighty lord. At times, we have to take certain big decisions in our lives, and in such situations, we look for help or guidance from someone who really cares for us and can never be wrong about anything. Finding such a righteous person can be a very daunting task for anyone that is why ALLAH SUBHAN WA TAALA has granted you a way to get closer to his advice and that procedure is known as salat ul istikhara.

There are difficult situations in which you get absolutely confused about everything, one of such situations is the decision to go for divorce or not. Yes, there are many brothers who love their wife dearly but due to the disobedience or unfaithfulness of the wife, the husband wants to leave her but he may get confused between the choice of leaving the wife or giving the marriage another chance, in such situations the how to do istikhara for husband can only help you, my brother. This istikhara dua for husband to divorce is a very strong tool to decide whether in given circumstances, a divorce is a right decision or not.

Istikhara Dua for Husband To Leave or Divorce

Istikhara For Husband To Divorce

Many times, the husbands want to make the marriage successful and he doesn’t want to leave the wife, at any cost but his ego gets in the way and the thought of ending the marriage keeps disturbing the marital life, in such cases, the istikhara dua and prayer for husband to leave or divorce or stay can help our brothers. This istikhara dua and prayer for husband to leave or divorce has helped many Muslim brothers in making the right choice. Since divorces must be avoided as much as possible but if situations are not in favor of continuing the marriage then you can seek permission from Allah Taala for talaq through salat ul istikhara.

In a similar way, the wife if is not able to continue the marital life with her husband because of some reasons and if she feels that divorce is the only way to get out of it, then the wife is also permitted to perform salat istikhara for divorce or talaq to get guidance from ALLAH SUBHAN WA TAALA.

Salat Istikhara for Wife To Divorce or Talaq

 Here’s the best istikhara dua for wife to divorce husband – Allah humma inneee astakh eeruqa bee ilmi qa wa astaq deeruka beequdra teeka wa as aaalukaa min fadh leekal adhee mee faa innaa ka taqdeeru waa laa aqdeeru, waa ta laamu wa laa alamu waa antaa allamul ghuyub.

This is the istikhara dua for the wife to divorce the husband or husband to divorce the wife. You can contact our Molvi Ji anytime to know the procedure of salat istikhara for divorce or talaq according to the trouble you are in. This istikhara procedure must always be taken seriously, you shouldn’t make fun of it in any way. Make sure that you perform the salat istikhara for divorce or talaq as told by our Molvi Ji, only. Insha Allah, it will help you in solving your doubts.

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