Powerful Duas For Forgiveness In Quran


Dua For Forgiveness

Powerful Duas For Forgiveness

We all have committed sins in our life at some or the other time. But Allah says that no matter what sin you have done and how big it is, your single Astagfar from the heart will wipe out sins as high as foams of ocean. Allah says call me upon and I shall forgive you for your sins. So, it is obligatory for every Momin to seek forgiveness for his/ her sins during their lifetime. Thus, you should make duas for forgiveness to seek forgiveness from Allah SubhanaWa’ Tala.

Insha Allah, when you make dua for forgiveness, Allah Talah will definitely forgive all your sins, no matter how extreme they are. Remember there is no tauba once you are dead. This lifetime is the only time and place where you can repent for your mistakes and get free from them so that you are not punished for them on the Day of Judgment.

Hence you should recite duas for forgiveness in Quran and ask Allah’s forgiveness for the countless number of sins you have done in your life, till now. And, those who pray to to Allah in sincere repentance, surely Allah will forgive them.

Powerful Duas For Forgiveness

This is the promise of Allah Miyan done to Adam’s sons. So, just recite dua for forgiveness in Quran and repent for your sins from the heart. The Quran has innumerable ayats which asks Allah Talah to forgive mankind for the sins he has committed. If you have committed a crime or sin knowingly or unknowingly and you don’t want to talk to anyone about it, then talk to Allah, for He already knows why you have done it, how you have done it. Seek His forgiveness and InshaAllah, you will be forgiven for anything you have done.

There are powerful duas for forgiveness which you can get from our Molvi Sahab. All you need to do is ask for dua for forgiveness and he will give you the right one as per your situation. Sometimes we are so lost that we don’t know where to go, what to do, how to make our life and hereafter better. Well, the simple method is to recite powerful dua for forgiveness and InshaAllah, you will come out of the trap of satan and get free. Your single Astagfar wipes out satan and frees you from almost all your sins.

Dua For Forgiveness In Quran

Dua For Forgiveness In Quran

Dua for forgiveness:

“Allah Hummag Fir Li DambiKullah u ZikkahuWajillahuWaAwwalahuWaAkhirahuwaAlaNiyatahuWaSirrah”

Recite this dua 11 times after every namaz and weep and plead to Allah Talah to forgive you for all your sins. Insha Allah, if the Almighty will, He will surely forgive you and make your life simpler and better.

The Prophet Muhammad prescribed a dua for forgiveness in following ways-

  • Dua For Forgiveness Of Zina
  • Dua For Forgiveness From Surah Al-Imran
  • Dua For Forgiveness For Hurting Someone

Also, recite Astagfirullah as many times as you can for your past sins and to avoid doing one in the future. Surely, it will prevent you from doing one.

If you need any guidance in dua for forgiveness, then feel free to contact us.

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