Dua To Make Someone Miss You And Think Of You


Dua To Make Someone Miss You

Dua To Make Someone Call You

Is your partner ignoring you and not giving you enough time? Are you worried that they will forget you and will leave you forever? Don’t worry! We understand that these issues can snatch the sleep of your might, but we have the best solution for them too! Reading the dua to make someone miss you will help you to make your partner think about you and long for you.

If you wish your lover to think about you and talk to you then you should take the help of this powerful dua to make him think of me now.

Fights are the big issue between couples. And you don’t talk to each other for days. If this continues for a long time then this can take a toll on the relationship and destroy it. So before it’s too late you can start reading the wazifa to make someone miss you.

With the help of this remedy, they will easily contact you. And will also show an interest in talking to you. Miscommunication and no communication between the partners is the number one cause of the problems in the relationship. So Elva them aside and start reading this dua to make him think of me now.

Dua To Make Him Think Of Me Now

Wazifa To Make Someone Miss You

If your partner isn’t talking to you for days and is upset over something that you did, then it is your duty to make them happy again. These things strengthen the relationship and bring the couples closer. So if you want your efforts to yield faster results and want your partner to miss you then start reading the wazifa and dua to make someone miss you.

It will generate strong feelings of longing in them and they wouldn’t be able to resist living without you. You will receive a call in a day or two and they would also express their desire to be with you.

Dua To Make Someone Think of You

It`s a beautiful feeling to have someone in your life with whom you can share every aspect of your life. Life is always not peaceful. It`s a blend of both sorrows and happiness. But, when you have someone in your life to share all the pains you are suffering from and enjoy all happiness. Then it`s become easier for you to go through all those pains.

Were you having any such person in your life but you both have separated due to some reason of insecurity or misunderstanding? Do you want him/her back? If this is your problem then you are in the right place. Dua to make someone think of you is the solution.

If you like someone but have no means to contact them then with the help of the dua to make him think of me now, this can happen! You just need to do all rituals with full of procedure. And you would be able to receive a call or message from them.

This can also work if you have recently been engaged but want the other person to contact you first. If you are shy and want your partner to contact your first then this would be a wonderful way to attract their call.

How To Make Someone Miss You?

  1. Make wuzu and offer the Maghreb Namaz.
  2. After this recite salawat thrice.
  3. Now imagine the face of the one you desire and recite, “Ahabbakal-lathee-ahabataenee-lahu” 300 times.
  4. Pray to Allah for creating the feelings of love in your partner and blow on the face of the person you have imagined.

Follow this ritual for a week and you will start getting the results very soon. Within a few days, they will start contacting you frequently and will also take more interest in you.

You can contact our Molvi Ji via the given numbers for more information about miss you wazifa and dua. We maintain the privacy of the details of the customers.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Nowadays, it`s a very tough task to keep your relationship going, because it has become so easy to approach some other person and move on. So might be possible that your partner has also developed an interest in somebody else. It happens because he/she wasn`t happy being in a relationship with you as there were so many harsh situations of misunderstanding and insecurity. But, you don`t have to get worried in that case too. You can try these duas about marriage and love problems. There are some following queries.

Is there any Surah to make someone fall in love with you?

Yes, Surah to make someone love you is an effective Islamic solution. If have any query about this dua then you can consult with us. We give you full assurance that you will have to never look back again in your life. Your marriage will also happen with the person you want by reading this surah dua.

How much time does it take for Islamic dua to work?

There is no fixed time. Time varies from person to person. However, if your feelings are genuine and you recite it daily, you will start to see their results in less time. Dua and wazifa are the best Islamic ways for problems from Quran.

What Dua to read for love?

You can read this dua for love in Islam. With the help of this dua you will get a lovely life with the full of love. Dua is a powerful Islamic prayer by which you can make your life wonderful.

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