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Wazifa For Baby Boy

Dua For Baby Boy in Islam

Dua For Baby Boy; Alhumdulilah, every child born is innocent and is blessed by the mercy of Allah. We shall never discriminate between a girl or a boy. But, since it’s natural that either you can have a baby boy or a baby girl at a time unless an exceptional case of pregnancy for instance twins. So, as parents, one can always have a preference. The Wazifa for baby boy is introduced for such people only.

This Wazifa for a baby boy can be used by every parent or and near and dear one of a pregnant woman so that she gives birth to a baby boy only. The dua for baby boy increases the chances for a male child. The Wazifa for baby boy is practiced during the time of pregnancy only. Either of the parents or both parents can perform the Wazifa for the baby boy in order to get a male child.

Dua For Baby Boy

If any of your relatives or near and dear ones are expecting a child soon, and you wish for them to have a baby boy then you can make the dua for a beautiful baby boy on their behalf. Yes, this prayer can be recited by anyone apart from parents. For instance, the grandparents of a family want their son or daughter to have a male child, then they can recite this prayer during the pregnancy period. This prayer can help to make dua to Allah miyan and in sending your prayer for a male child. Insha Allah, if this prayer is practiced as told by our Maulana Sahib, it is always answered.

The dua for a beautiful baby boy is given below for your reference.

  • Every Friday, recite Surah Saffat – Once
  • Every Saturday, recite Surah Qadr – Once
  • Every Sunday, recite Surah Watten – Once
  • Every Monday, recite Surah Yaseen – Once
  • Every Tuesday, recite Surah Furqan – Once
  • Every Wednesday, recite Surah Dahar – Once
  • Every Thursday, recite Surah Muhammad – Once

Dua For Beautiful Baby Boy

Dua For Beautiful Baby Boy

It is important to strictly follow the above schedule for the generally 40 weeks of the pregnancy. You need to recite this prayer from the very first day, you have learned about the pregnancy and till the time the baby is delivered. You shouldn’t stop in between. In order to get a normal baby boy, dua for the beautiful baby boy mentioned above must be recited as guided by our Molvi Sahab Ji.

This prayer for a beautiful child can help you in getting a child as preferred by you. for instance, if you want to have a boy as your firstborn, or you prefer having to make members in the family or maybe you already had girls now you wish to have a baby boy, then the dua for a beautiful baby boy can help you.

We advise you to eat and drink healthy and think positive. Recite the dua for a beautiful baby boy, Insha Allah very soon you’ll be blessed with a beautiful baby boy through a normal delivery procedure, Ameen!!

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