Best Dua For Everything and Forgiveness


Every human wants to be happy in life. Nobody wants any sadness in their life. In today’s materialistic world happiness is judged on the basis of money. If a person does not have a good job, a good bank balance, and is not married then he/she is not considered happy. If you want all the materialistic happiness in your life, then the best dua for everything will help you very much. This dua will help you in getting the best things in life. It will keep your family and friends very happy. Islamic Solution for getting anything is a Quranic dua that enhances all your materialistic and non-materialistic efforts to keep your loved ones happy.

Best Dua For Forgiveness

Best Dua For Forgiveness

Sometimes a person makes mistakes that are not easy to forgive. These mistakes might hurt someone very badly. People might not be able to forget these mistakes for a very long time. If you want to seek forgiveness for hurting someone, then the dua for forgiveness will help you. The person will forget all the hurt you have caused to them and will quickly forgive you.

In Islam, every human has a duty in this world. If you do not fulfill your duties, then you are a sinner in the eyes of Allah. Allah does not grant forgiveness to those who have sinned. If you have hurt someone because of your misdeeds Allah will surely punish you.

To repent all your sins, you must perform the best dua for forgiveness. With a lot of patience, you will get forgiveness from Allah and all your sins will be forgotten.

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Powerful Dua For Success In Everything

Success nowadays has a different meaning for different people. Success might mean wealth for some and happiness for others. People might feel successful with having lots of money but no happiness. And other people might feel successful and content in having happiness and little money.

If you are a person who has a goal in life and you want to have success in achieving it. This goal might be having a secure job, keeping your parents happy and have your own family. Achieving all your life goals may not be possible for everyone. But if you do not want to take any chances with your life, then try the powerful dua for success in everything.

This powerful Islamic way of success is Allah’s way of helping you in your life. With this dua, you will have the power to change your destiny and get anything you wish for in life. The best way to perform this dua is explained in the following steps:

  • This dua can be performed at any time of the day.
  • You do not have to be in the praying position to perform this dua.

“Rabbaanaafrigh ‘alainaasabraanwatawaffanaaMuslimin”

To get success in life, you can recite this dua as many times as you want. Keep your heart and mind clean and do not think of any bad thing while reciting this. Insha Allah, you will get all the success in this world.

For any questions about this dua, contact our Molvi Sab.

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